Spanish Classes – Clases de español

Here you will find materials that you may use for personal growth and/or for use in your Spanish classes. All materials found here are copyrighted by Lacocora and all rights are reserved unless other wise stated. Please feel free to use any materials provided, I simply ask for attribution when appropriate. El 27 de marzo, 2017

This lesson that I refer to as “¿Donde Vives tú? focuses on the main rooms of the house such as La Sala, El Baño,etc.  The lesson is comprised of a Warm UP aka Vámonos, the essential vocabulary, a few videos that use the vocabulary in context, a few written activities and an exit ticket aka Billete de Salida or BDS.  Also in my objective or Can Do statement prior to reading it aloud to the class, I have them identify any ¨cognados¨.  If you have any questions as to how I implemented this lesson, the handouts that I used or ideas to improve the lesson please let me know.  Leccion: ¿Donde Vives Tu?



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