La Cócora: una persona molestosa. A Cócora is a bothersome or annoying person.

As a young child (some might say even nowadays), I was very inquisitive and very talkative. I asked questions about everything that I observed. I was the kid that always asked “why?” after a thorough explanation was given. At a young age, I would ponder deep philosophical questions: Is there a God? Why are we here? Why does evil exist? Why did my brother have to die? Questions that most people did not want to answer or did not know how to answer.

In addition, I would talk incessantly. As a mother of 4, including a terminally ill eldest son, my mouth would drive my mother crazy. Now that I have children of my own and work with young people in my professional life, I understand my mother’s plight. My mother would often refer to me as “cócora”. The term was used so often that it became my nickname during my adolescence. For years, I thought that the word was derived from “cotorra“. “La cotorra” means parrot in Puerto Rico. For decades, I thought my mother was calling a parrot because I talked too much. Recently, I search for the term online (it is a seldom used term) and discovered its true meaning. When I told mom mother what I had discovered, she simply replied “Funny, right?”. I must admit it fit perfectly. Love you Mami para siempre : )